BBC Science multiplatform workshop – Arnolfini, Bristol

Convergence of technologies hasn’t always generated a corresponding convergence of production techniques and collaboration between digital agencies and TV producers. In seeking new “multiplatform” content ideas the BBC was looking for a way to bring the talents of these two media worlds together. As a result I developed and produced a workshop for BBC Future Media & Technology to address these issues. Focused around a brief of generating concepts which engage audiences in Science, the workshop actively drove 8 TV business and 8 Digital agencies to brainstorm, define and pitch new content ideas over the course of a day. To add an external influence, presentations from Science City Bristol and Project Bloodhound – a Bristol based attempt on the world land speed record in a 1000 mph vehicle – were interspersed.

The result was a dynamic and positive event which generated some very strong connections between digital and TV businesses, connections which will continue to develop over time. In addition one of the ideas generated, by a group comprising 3 TV and 2 digital businesses, is being seriously considered by the BBC for additional support following feedback from the two key factual Commissioners.

See the BBC Commissioning site for more detail on their current needs.

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