Singapore round up

Singapore often describes itself as the “red dot” – a symbol of the fact that whilst small it is a strategically significant point on the map – a highly open economy and gateway to SE Asia.

In an echo of its significance as a “port city”, Singapore also sits on the major internet spine through SE Asia and is now seeking to develop its knowledge economy to match. As a result the Media Development Authority are investing heavily in a vision of a creative industries hub and seeking to address the clear structural weaknesses in the sector at present.

The “Content Across Continents” co-development deal just signed (detail covered previously) is part of the attempt to drive up talent and revenues through international collaboration. The deal itself received extensive press coverage, including:

Print – Singapore Straits Times, Business Times, News Today and Chinese language news

Online – Channel News Asia, Xinhua Newswire, 938live

TV – Channel News Asia

At a networking event hosted by UKTI there was real interest from the Singaporean production community in finding tie ups with SW partners. I’m looking forward to how the resulting proposals intend to tackle both European and Asian markets simultaneously and use digital platforms to engage and extend audiences.

Elsewhere at the Asia TV Forum attendance was strong, especially on day 1, and the presence of Brits such as Aardman and RDF Rights bore out PACT’s recent stats about the 57% increase of UK TV exports into Asia.

Meetings regarding a China/UK Animation Forum and with Design Council Singapore also provide the potential for an extension of links into Asia in the future.

For more info on any of the above e-mail me

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