Digital Media – international strategy focus group – 29/3/10

I’ve been commissioned with iShed to produce a Focus Group for UK Trade & Investment, looking at generating recommendations for future strategic support for Digital Media businesses.

The digital content sector is in some senses amorphous – it can be made to signify almost any form of media activity driven by new technologies and has the effect of converging existing disciplines as much as creating new – and this tension appears to result in a less structured trade and export support model.

UKTI is aware that there is a rapidly growing market driver within the creative industries which is not clearly understood, and is therefore seeking to convene an expert industry focus group to discuss the current landscape as it relates to international trade, the future trends and the potential strategic responses from UKTI.

The workshop will be structured in order to deliver a coherent response to key questions, for example: is there demand which is not being addressed? is there a consensus of priorities? is there an understanding of current UKTI provision? is a different approach required?

The Focus Group will be held in central London on 29th March and will seek to generate an understanding of market demand (current and future), export priorities and recommendations for action.

This is a unique opportunity to influence Government policy. If you are a digital business with an opinion on international trade you’d like to contribute, or if you’d like to express an interest in attending the Focus Group – just get in touch:

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