Bristol City Council – Open Data Innovation project

The concept of Open Data is gaining momentum in the UK, pioneered by advocates such as Tim Berners-Lee and with vocal support from initiatives such as The Guardian’s Free Our Data campaign. Local projects, such as London Datastore, or localised data, for example Defra’s Noise Maps, are beginning to reinterpret data in ways which have impact and relevance for all citizens.

Bristol City Council would now like to release some of its data sets in order to catalyse new development in public engagement and services. On behalf of iShed I will be running a project to drive interest right across the City in the potential value of public data, and then to invest in innovative ideas which use this data to generate new and interesting visualization and engagement.

A maximum of 3 awards will be made in order to allow a variety of results across the broad spectrum of possibilities, from public realm to personal apps, with the winning proposals aspiring to:

  • incorporate the Connecting Bristol ethos of Creative / Smart / Green / Connected
  • be innovative and unique, either not before seen or recognisably “of Bristol”
  • be inclusive, opening access to public data has to have the potential to reach beyond the technologically aware or digitally connected.
  • be insightful, creating new public value in the re-presentation of existing data

BUT exactly which data sets should Bristol City Council release from the range of potential information which they collect?

For example: Household Composition; Economic Activity; Connectivity; House prices; Crime; Air Quality; Hospital admissions; Population Change; School Achievement etc etc

My presentation from a kick off meeting at the Pervasive Media Studio here

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