Media Sandbox 2010 / B-Open

The Open Data Innovation initiative described in my earlier post, B-Open, will be incorporated to form part of this year’s Media Sandbox project – generating an exciting platform for collaborative innovation.

Media Sandbox : making space for great ideas

Networking creative talent from the South West with leading technology companies and content commissioners, Media Sandbox is a development programme enabling companies to research emerging possibilities in interactive, digital media, create new ideas and deliver innovation to the market.

We are offering seven £10,000 commissions to support research and development of innovative experiences. This years’ call has two project strands and this event is designed to give a general overview of the scheme and help develop ideas for the b-open strand in the scheme:


Media Sandbox will commission three £10,000 projects that utilise Open Data released by Bristol City Council. These projects will be digital applications or experiences, with the content and context driven by data derived from the city and its environment e.g. air quality, electricity use, population information, quality of life.

Bristol City Council has been a pioneer and advocate for the positive impacts of digital technology on public engagement – with a vision of a creative, smart, green and connected City. As part of its aim to ensure that digital participation enables the whole city to realise its potential, Bristol City Council is supporting an Open Data initiative, B-Open – releasing the City’s data to generate new services and applications.

This strand of activity is open to applications from projects whose lead partner is based in Bristol.

Learn more about the scheme, this year’s themes and how to apply at:

An initial workshop to contextualise, explore and develop applications for the open data strand of this year’s Media Sandbox will be held 30th June, 1300 > 1800

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