Media Sandbox 2010 / B-Open launch

Media Sandbox 2010 will launch tomorrow (30th June) offering seven £10,000 commissions to support the research and development of innovative content, applications, services or experiences under two strands: open data and pervasive media (see Media Sandbox 2010 B-Open Press Release jun10).

In partnership with Bristol City Council, a new open data initiative, titled B-Open, will release data sets derived from the city and its environment (for example air quality, electricity use, population information, quality of life indicators) to catalyse new innovation. Through the Media Sandbox 2010 scheme three creative, smart, green, connected ideas will be supported to re-purpose and re-use this data to deliver insight and value across the city.

Data will be posted at and examples of the type of information available include:

Data feeds:

Bristol Air Quality

Bristol Harbour Water Quality

Bristol River Water Quality

Bristol City Council Energy Management (In progress)

Statistical data:

Indicators of quality of life in Bristol

Bristol Census Data

Bristol Crime Data

Bristol Health Data

Bristol Education Data (Key Stage Results)

Bristol Population Data

Bristol Department of Work and Pensions Data

Bristol Deprivation Data

BCC is preparing many more data sets (including transport and recycling information) for release under the scheme in the coming days and weeks.

See my presentation for the launch here and for more information on the scheme look at the Media Sandbox website.

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