Creative Sector opportunities in Taiwan

I spent yesterday with Amanda Lin, the Senior Commercial Officer for the British Trade & Cultural Office in Taiwan. Her remit includes the creative industries, so whilst introducing her to some UK businesses we discussed the opportunities for creative companies to trade into Taiwan.

In common with many Asian countries Taiwan is putting significant public investment into the growth of its creative sector – between now and 2013 £385M will be invested in priority areas, including product design and digital content, under the banner “Creative Taiwan”.

At present the creative industries sector in Taiwan employs 200,000+ people and turns over in excess of £12Bn. Its key strengths derive in part from the very strong digital technology infrastructure – for example gaming and animation – but are also historic, with fashion and music having scale (the huge mobile music download market in China is dominated by Taiwanese artists).

Specific identified opportunities for UK collaboration are in: architectural design & planning; creative education and training; and digital content development.

My favourite statistic of our conversation however was Amanda’s observation that mobile penetration in Taiwan is “1.8 per person” – now that’s a content market.

For more info email Also designers should look at plans for the 2011 International Design Alliance Congress, not until this time next year but clearly will be a major event.

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