UK / China Animation Forum – 6th & 7th December, Beijing

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf - Creative Power Entertaining

China is now officially the second largest economy in the world and continues to grow, despite the global recession, at nearly 9% p.a.

The animation industry in China is also expanding fast and is viewed as representing a significant growth sector, attracting Government support at both national and regional levels through preferential taxation, industry funding and the establishment of industry parks..

Yet whilst a “service model” has generated inward investment into China through the provision of animation production pipelines to Western media and games production companies, the Chinese sector has been less successful in developing content propositions for export despite a massive increase in domestic production volumes in recent years.

The UK / China Animation Forum will explore the potential for trade and collaboration between the two countries, focusing on the opportunities for animated content – both on traditional platforms and emerging digital technologies. Specific market opportunities have been identified in the generation of IP which can be exploited across multiple platforms, including publishing and merchandising, and also for content which can be accessed via mobile devices.

A delegation of 10-15 UK digital animation companies will visit China and take part in the two-day UK / China Animation Forum. The Forum will include presentations, opportunities to display UK and Chinese animation work, panel discussions, networking events and one-to-one business meetings.

I will be producing the UK / China Animation Forum through my new project management agency, parameter.

For more information and details of how to apply download the UK China Animation Forum Flyer FINAL oct10 or contact


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