Asia TV Forum – Singapore 8-10 December 2010

Asia TV Forum is emerging as a key trade show in SE Asia. Based on a sales and distribution model, it is similar to MIP TV in style but much smaller and therefore less manic. Over the past three years it has seen a steady increase in participants, with country umbrella stands from China, S Korea, Taiwan and Japan, as well as the Singaporean hosts, in evidence this year.

Whilst foot traffic seemed to tail off at the end of the week anecdotal evidence from exhibitors, including BBC Worldwide and Aardman Animations, was of a successful show. This was backed up by organisers Reed, who released a figure of $88.7M deals completed – up 20% on 2009.

The show also saw the announcement of the second Content Across Continents (CAC) scheme – a project which I initiated whilst at South West Screen in partnership with the Media Development Authority of Singapore.

Designed to catalyse the creative development of ideas between Singaporean and SW UK producers the competition makes small investments into collaborative projects, in order bring to market commercial ideas with a European and Asian sensibility built in from the outset.

For example, though 2010 Wonky in Bristol and Scrawl Studios in Singapore developed iLand, a multiplatform animated world with an environmental narrative. Having completed pilot episodes, sample scripts, character design and bible etc Wonky and Scrawl were able to take the idea to MIPCOM and are following up broadcaster interest.

CAC2 will begin the process of developing relationships and partnerships shortly, and open for applications in February 2011. The intention is to support content which is digital, entertaining, sponsor friendly and format driven – it will have online, mobile and IPTV platforms in mind as much as traditional broadcast – and 5 x £10k awards will be made. Contact me for more details.


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