Silicon Roundabout? Silicon Gorge? Where are the UK innovation hotspots?

In November 2010 David Cameron delivered a speech which centred around an aim of the UK becoming the most attractive place in the world to start and invest in innovative technology companies. [Full transcript]

Through my work with the CIKTN, and in partnership with UKTI, I’ll be producing activities to explore the current landscape, issues and necessary actions to deliver the development of the UK as a global centre of digital innovation.

The outcome will be a series of recommendations to inform Government strategy and policy in seeking to attract the best international companies to the UK and assisting UK businesses to expand into global markets.

At the core of this discussion there are some fundamental questions which need to be answered first:

  • What are the UK’s digital USP’s? Where do we have a competitive advantage?
  • Aside from Silicon Roundabout, the focus of Cameron’s speech, where in the UK are the other technology hotspots? [Guardian start-up mapping Nov 2010]
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a tech innovation start up in the UK?

If you’ve got any thoughts or opinions feel free to drop me a line so that I can input them into the process.

As a starter here’s a blog by Clare Reddington of the Pervasive Media Studio on the innovation cluster around Bristol – Silicon Gorge.

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