Content Across Continents 2 – context setting

CAC2 is seeking to catalyst development on new content which is entertaining, multiplatform and sponsor friendly – with a truly international appeal. But what does that look like in practice and what are the trends that should inform the applicants?

We held an event between Bristol and Singapore via video conference, with contributors from Hong Kong and London, which a. amazingly worked, and b. set the context for CAC2. Presentations attached below:

Moses Lye – VP of XINMSN, MediaCorp – looking at online and mobile TV consumption, with specific reference to The platform combines a catch up service with other magazine style content on an ad sales business model. Interestingly he admits that the model for mobile TV is still not clear – but a 100% mobile penetration in Singapore, with 90% smartphones (and 90% of those iPhones) is an audience worth experimenting to.

Mateo Eaton – National Head of Branded Entertainment, Group M – looking at the marketplace, the value and examples of recent brand funded content into China in particular. One example, an interstitial format, Camera Café, funded by Nescafe: production spend c.$150k; media spend c.£120k; views on YouKu 13.5M. Interestingly the deal with YouKu guaranteed 12M views so the platform could monitor audience and cross promote to keep on target.

Ed Hayes – Associate, TLT Solicitors – explored the legal issues applicable when managing a collaborative development process between two businesses (and countries) from agreements to IP exploitation.

The next session will be 16th Feb – contact for more information.

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