5 things you should know about Singapore – CAC 2011 call for applications open

The call for applications for CAC 2011 opens today – here are 5 reasons why collaborating with Singapore is a good idea:

  1. Singapore positions itself as the “digital port” in Asia, a base from which you can reach more than 3Bn people in under 5 hours flying time. It is consistently the World Bank’s No.1 country for ease of doing business and with English as its first language (Mandarin second) and strong IP protection is increasingly home to multinational companies looking to access the dominant economic region for the 21st Century.
  2. It is an exemplar of the connected digital Asian city of the future. Mobile penetration is over 100% and by 2012 95% of homes and businesses will be connected to a 1Gbps fibre network –Singapore is therefore a test bed enabled by this digital connectivity. And as a result digital consumer services and behaviours (IPTV, mobile TV, social networking) have an effective infrastructure [“Singapore is one of the world’s most evolved social media markets” Singapore Business Review http://bit.ly/fNB6WE]
  3. In the Media Development Authority of Singapore it has a highly active Government agency investing over £100M in the creation of a media hub – from attracting inward investors such as Double Negative or Lucas Arts; to catalyst R&D funding; to content investments in film, TV and animation in particular. [“Singapore media hub moves from design to reality” Channel News Asia http://bit.ly/hNgfjm]
  4. With a historical and cultural affinity with the UK, Singaporean businesses are open to collaboration and see British creatives as having skills in concept development and distribution in particular from which they can learn through collaboration. For UK businesses, access to massive export potential and technical capacity and capability is the opportunity.
  5. Which brings us to Content Across Continents. This is currently the only initiative between the UK and Singapore MDA. The collaboration with the SW has been built over the past 3 years, and through a successful first version of the CAC scheme, so there is a track record of shared knowledge and personal relationships.

In summary CAC will provide you with a framework for supported access to a fast growing digital economy, in the fastest growing economic region, first mover advantage and qualified leads and connections – and you’ll have £10k invested into your project. Not much of a decision….

The call for applications for Content Across Continents opens today and will close on 15th April 2011. In the interim there will be opportunities for introductions and networking – for example via video conference on 2nd March or face to face at MIP TV.

The full criteria can be found here:CAC2011 Call for Proposals

For more details or for assistance in finding a partner contact:

Mark Leaver                        07764 900003                        mark@parameter.org.uk
Johanna Bolhoven            07717 755846                        johanna@parameter.org.uk


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