Media Sandbox 2010 – all over bar the paperwork?

Well yes and no.  Whilst the scheme has officially ended actually the whole point is that this is the beginning of something for the participants – not the end.

Media Sandbox is about catalyzing and incubating new ideas, it is a framework for research and experimentation, but all of that activity has purpose: the creation of new products and services. Sometimes the goals will have been achieved at the end of the Sandbox, more often than not the businesses have made a massive leap forward and have a clear development path to an identified target.

This year is no exception. With an incredible range of projects, from data visualization to smell sculptures, mobility tools to games engines (and a stunning new musical instrument), the Sandbox commissions all end the scheme with a finished product or prototype and a developed ongoing plan and route to market.

To recap the Media Sandbox commissions for 2010 were:

B-Open (open data)

Delib                                  I Heart My City

Mobile Pie                        Blossom Bristol

Overlay Media                 Hills Are Evil

Pervasive experiences

Moksha                             Sculpting with scent

Mutant Labs                    Sonic Boom

Nudesine                           Alphasphere

Remode                              Biofeedback in gaming

Read the project blogs on their development process:

Also see the final project films:

So what next? Discussions on a national version of the Sandbox model are underway (as Theatre Sandbox), along with a specifically music focused project with a European footprint. Watch this space.


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