Connecting Digital Start Ups – Berlin: video and feedback

A couple of weeks after the event in Berlin (in partnership with UKTI, SIN and Berlin Brandenburg Medianet) I’ve been checking in with some of the UK companies who attended – to get their insight on what they learned and the follow up from connections made. In their own words:

The ‘Connecting Digital Start-Ups Between the UK and Germany’ event in Berlin was enjoyable, informative, stimulating and productive. With a GDP of $3.3 trillion (£2 trillion) Germany has the biggest economy in Europe, a change from the downbeat news about everyone else’s economy

Elspeth Penny- 2BU

 This trip provided me with great insight into the German creative technology market. I was surprised to see the similarities not only between the markets but also the cultures. It was clear that the UK and Germany have similar issues when it comes to raising capital and developing new businesses.

Mark Mason – Mubaloo

 During the course of 1to1 meetings people pitched ideas, their company, themselves and sought connections, which I definitely found.  The day was full of information, cross-cultural insights and a common purpose – to find ways to make things happen, and create new businesses. 

Phil Parker – NYAC

 Coming home with a stack of business cards is easy; continuing the conversation the next day is the true sign of a successful ‘networking event.’ Sure enough my outbox was full the following morning, as was my inbox

Chris Roebuck – Quillu

I am now in discussion with CIKTN, UKTI and SIN on follow up events across Europe for 2012.

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