Bristol - Christmas Day


Decks cleared, New Year.

Travel plans for next few months are slightly blurry still but will definitely include:

Jan – Munich

Feb – Barcelona / Madrid

Mar – Shanghai / Beijing

Apr – Tokyo

Potentially Washington, San Francisco and Helsinki in there somewhere too.

On the digital innovation front I’ve been developing a proposal which will bring together a group of interesting partners from across the commercial media / public investment space.

To set the scope:

If visible major shifts over the next decade will be driven by ubiquitous connectivity and big data, what does that mean in a world where our consumption of moving image content is predominantly via a connected device?  Are there opportunities, both creative and commercial, which derive from this intersection?


Does this intersection generate an entirely new input for the viewer – that of CONTEXT?

This context is derived from the potential to add a data input to the value chain of content production and distribution. And given the connectedness of the viewing device that data input can be immediate – able to add appropriate “live” information, adapt content delivery to match external inputs (for example location) or adjust experiences matched to defined external factors.

The initial focus will be on the development of tools to enable the simple adoption of context as a creative input within the (post) production process.

Probably about time for a Parameter project too…..

As always:
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