Hyderabad / Mumbai / Pune

gulabA three city / five day trip across India. The visit had a dual purpose: to meet a number of strategically important companies; and to gain some further insight into scope and potential within the Indian market.

The focus was animation and vfx as creative subsectors which are highly tech dependent and have internationally transferable tasks and content – the type of disciplines which match creative production with Indian excellence in software and technology design.

Looking through a UKTI / UK plc lens the Indian sector can be stratified into 3 groupings:

  1. Highly capitalized international businesses who have expanded from a successful Indian base, generally through M&A activity, and are now significant global entities e.g. Prime Focus.
  2. Indian businesses who have achieved considerable success in the local market, but are now required to consider international expansion in order to continue growth – and with an understanding that this has a fundamental impact on the business, e.g. Green Gold Animation.
  3. Small scale businesses who are servicing a local market, and where any international reach is on the basis of low cost outsourcing.

As production volumes in the UK continue to grow, and post production tasks become ever more mobile, there is a strong sense that the UK / India linkage around these types of technologies and skills will continue to expand in importance – building on a tangible cultural affinity.

Outside of the meetings it was interesting to view the launch of the India Soccer League to a nation obsessed with cricket – although amazingly despite the attraction of “marquee” veterans and a media marketing push across Star in particular, I was unable to buy a Freddie Ljungberg Mumbai City FC top as they hadn’t sorted the merchandise…..disappointed.

And the picture is my new “king of puddings”: Gulab Jamun with Rabri, eaten in a café in Bandra, Mumbai.

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