nettle pizzaA very belated update on a visit to Arctic 15 in Helsinki.

Although a little chaotic in places (never try to shut a bar in order to make people pay attention to an award ceremony….) it was true to its aim of getting a small number of the right people in the right room, and making them talk to each other. Their insistence on active networking created the permission to approach anyone, and the size of the event afforded the space to hold proper conversations.

One company was concerned about the credibility of their wider European profile as a Helsinki start up, an unfounded worry (echoed by the investor who was also part of the conversation) in that Arctic 15 was a great demonstration of the very vibrant and interesting tech and gaming sector flourishing in Finland. An example: I caught up with a favourite contact from Slush 2014, IoT enabling device Thingsee. Now on the other side of a massively oversubscribed Kickstarter campaign and into production during the mid part of the year, Thingsee is a smart and flexible sensor packed developer device programmed via a very simple web interface.

The other thing Arctic 15 got right was food – amazing moose soup, ham, breakfast cheese (like a cross between halloumi and feta), cloudberries…

NB: the picture above wasn’t taken at the event, but is a nettle pizza – no way I wasn’t having that.

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