Mumbai / Bangalore


To Mumbai and Bangalore for UKTI to stage a couple of panel / networking sessions focused on “creative meets tech”.

With an increasingly global view, production processes within the creative industries are now often internationally distributed – and there is evidence of an existing UK / India axis. In addition the emergence of new platforms, for example online, mobile and social media, creates new market opportunity and direct consumer relationships for creative businesses.

Our events focused on the impacts of digital across production, distribution and audience engagement – looking for the next collaborative commercial opportunities between UK & India.

Across the two panels three interesting themes emerged:

Brand not channel – Particularly highlighted by BBC Worldwide was this important distinction. Content owners now thinking of IP as a marketing brand which requires multiple coherent touchpoints rather than a defined channel delivery.

Content Velocity – A strategy phrase from Adobe, but one which describes a new imperative, in the necessity for constant refresh and renewal of available content for audiences across a range of targeted platforms.

“in the next room” – Technicolour highlighted the seamless delivery of VFX services between MPC & The Mill in London and the Bangalore team (with Oscar nominations for The Martian and The Revenant). But Tata Elxsi made an interesting distinction in that their linked design services also have to build in a cultural awareness of user experience – so whilst the collaboration is seamless, the same product should not be expected to work at each end without localization.

Over the week the impression of a strong potential for productive UK / India relationships was reinforced with some very strong businesses looking for an expanded European footprint, and a home market which is exploding as the access to web services and smart devices grows exponentially.

The gif above is of the amazing lunch at Mavalli Tiffin Rooms in Bangalore. An old local institution with a very cheap fixed menu and communal tables. Lunch is served en masse with spectacular efficiency by a team of waiters ladling extraordinary food onto your tray from gleaming metal buckets.

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