Playable City Award 2016/17

tokyo metroThe 2016/17 Playable City Award is now open for applications, an international call for ideas with a specific focus on journeys. As cities grow and populations increase, how we get from A to B affects a city’s liveability, well-being, and economic development. Transport and mobility is a key concern of cities across the world:

  • The average commute time in Lagos is four hours
  • The Tokyo railway system carries 40 million people a day
  • Bristol residents spend an average 127 hours each year stuck in traffic
  • More than 600 cities worldwide have a bike-sharing program.

From bus rapid transit systems to driverless cars, city bikes to traffic jams – transport infrastructure and efficiency is a key investment area of the smart city. But, how people feel about their journey, how they use the time and how they connect with others, is often overlooked. A Playable City approach to urban journeying will start new conversations, imagine new futures and make new connections – person to person, person to city.

The theme is broad and open to interpretation: a winning idea might address waiting, navigation, location or transit. It might connect people on public transport, use city bike infrastructure or explore transition situations – from physical crossings to transport interchanges.

From Bristol to Bangalore, Mexico City to Sao Paulo, cities across the world have articulated demand for Playable City projects which explore mobility. We will select a strong and surprising winning idea with the ability to scale, capitalising on global interest in Playable City to build a project with international potential.


The 2016/17 Award will be split into two stages:

  • The successful idea will be awarded a £30,000 Research and Development commission to thoroughly develop and test a prototype.
  • Using the growing international Playable City network of cities, partners and funders we will then take the prototype to final product and create a global roll out plan for the winning idea.

The award will be open to artists, designers, architects, technologists and creative practitioners who can demonstrate a history of delivering high quality, innovative practice.  By definition any application will need to demonstrate a universality to allow it to make sense and deliver impact in a wide range of city environments.

Closing date for applications is 5th September – full details here:

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