Copenhagen / Malmo / Lund / Gothenburg

the-bridgeAn accelerated round trip through Denmark / Southern Sweden punctuated throughout by examples of long term, design thinking: from the explicit future city focus of initiatives in Copenhagen like Design To Improve Life or Copenhagen Solutions Lab; to the more subtle realisation that every company I met in Gothenburg seemed to have a post grad working as a fully integrated part time employee, as a function of their University course; or the communal culture of the MECK building (an ex-submarine factory) in Malmo centred around the canteen and shared spaces, and part of the industrial reinvention of the docks.

Whilst seen as typically Scandinavian these qualities of form and function as applied to societal change, and imbued with a sense of communality and fairness, were refreshing when viewed from a year in the UK which has seemed to be characterized by a narrative of short term impact and no substance.

I was excited to be taking a train over The Bridge bridge between Copenhagen and Malmo, but unfortunately the flat Scandinavian light gave the view a rather grayscale feel (above)….

[An addendum – in Lisbon I saw John Maeda give a talk. He defined “design thinking “as “inclusive thinking” – which resonate with the above]

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