Playable City Award 2016 – winning commission

stop-smileA belated note on the 2016 Playable City commission.

With a working title of Stop Smile Stroll, the project will focus on pedestrian crossings – co-creating playful interventions with local residents (e.g. it might be a disco one minute, something more reflective the next) and then building in a reactive element to city data (e.g. pedestrian flow, traffic flow, weather) to create an interestingly responsive city system.

The winning team is Hirsch & Mann  based in London and increasingly recognised for their interactive work, for example they have just installed pieces within the Google Pop Up Store in Spring Street NYC.

With the Playable City team, Hirsch & Mann will iterate the idea from here and build a prototype for installation in Bristol first at the beginning of 2017, then touring to other Playable Cities worldwide.

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