londonSo I’ve been invited to a reception in Washington the weekend of the presidential inauguration…part of me finds the idea interesting and compelling, part of me wants to run a mile. Much like the prospect of 2017 really.

For DIT I’ll travel in the next few weeks to Chicago, New York, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. Clearly the shift of Brexit another notch from theoretical to actual in March will make for an interesting year.

Playable City will launch Oxford shortly and commence the initiative linking Bristol, Lagos, Mexico City and Tokyo. Hirsch & Mann will deliver the latest commission in early Spring and conversations from Austin to Dublin to Kazakhstan will hopefully crystallize into future activity. The concept seems to have gained significant reach during 2016 and the plan is now to attach significant supporting brand and tech partners across the global network.

And with luck, other new and unexpected things will appear.

On a train last autumn I discussed with a fellow passenger how in the future school kids would study 2016 as a pivotal year, now we begin to find out what comes next…..

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