Chicago / New York (and so it came to pass…)

uprightA very strange few days in (admittedly liberal) America where an atmosphere of quiet despair and the shadow of political uncertainty infected everything and everyone.

Any vain hope that the presidency would make the man more presidential evaporated as each day generated a new WTF moment, whether blatant lies, “alternative facts”, bizarre ratings obsessions or media witchhunts. All of which diverted attention from an inauguration speech which was singularly isolationist and retrograde, and a series of kneejerk executive orders

The Uber driver I had who’d voted Trump regarded the more outlandish statements as noise to be ignored, he’d bet on an ability to create jobs and opportunity (“the American Dream”) – an interesting insight. Others however were more circumspect, aware that what plays well in America looks very different through external eyes.

We can only hope that wiser heads prevail – both in the US and across the globe.

The picture above is of a work by Annette Lemieux (Left Right Left Right 1995) at the Whitney, taken in April. The one below was this week, reinstalled upturned to signal her response to the election.

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