As is now traditional the UK has adopted a southern European attitude to August, so a good time to both catch up and look forward.

Playable City continues to expand. The Smart Oxford Playable City commission went to Guerrilla Dance Project’s Star Light, Star Bright, now in pre-production. Previous project Hello Lamp Post is currently Salem Astana in Kazakhstan, and Shadowing is also installed now as part of the City of London’s new Culture Mile strategy. Next locations for Playable City are Seoul, Austin and then straight into production for a commission in Dublin.

The Creative Producers International programme will commence activity at the Festival of the Future City conference in Bristol October 19th. We’re looking for partners in this global lab for cultural innovation in cities now…

Ahead of going away I completed a piece of work in support of the new Bristol VR Lab, which will open later this year and combine commercial and academic R&D to drive new insight and product. It will also link to the 5G Accelerator – a real mobile AR test opportunity.

I’ll be focusing a bit more on Bristol for Invest Bristol + Bath. Having spent a few years concentrating on everywhere except where I actually live there feels like a real new momentum in the city, with the combination of creative and technology generating significant new growth.

And for DIT I’ll be in Cologne, Helsinki and San Francisco definitely, Toronto, NYC and Lisbon maybe.

So plenty in planning. But a pause (in a very hot Italy) also affords some time to think, and maybe its time to make some changes.

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