Austin: SxSW

Overall the expected slightly frenzied mix of showcase, panels and parties.

Reflecting against my last visit four years ago, reality has rather overtaken the naïve enthusiasm of the early years of SxSW Interactive. There were no start-ups in branded T shirts thinking they were going to break at SxSW as Twitter and Foursquare had done in the past. And there were a lot of underwhelming corporate innovation showcases which had a sense of marketing budget over substance.

Across the show there were plenty of British accents and Sadiq Khan really made an impression with his very clear and well delivered messages. Country presences which stood out tended to be via installations outside the conference hall, and also tended to be a result of playing up idiosyncratic differences. Activity by Germany, Japan (with Panasonic) and UK at the British Music Embassy all said more about creativity in the country than a catch all platform of interchangeable tech jargon (blockchain, AI, machine learning etc etc).

Unfortunately I left Austin just prior to the opening of Beethoven’s Fifth, a VR installation in partnership between the Philharmonia, Mixed Immersion and Igloo Vision. The idea was conceived whilst sitting together in traffic on a freeway in Silicon Valley in December – see my blog 4 posts down….

I was interviewed by Igloo Vision on the project, given my part responsibility for the fact that they were on the bus together in the first place:

(And concurrently to SxSW the Playable City Austin project had Shadowing installed in 6 locations across East Austin and South Congress – see Fox’s coverage:

One of the joys of SxSW is seeing some live music – the picture above is Francobollo at the British Music Embassy, wild and noisy in a good way.

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