Paris / Bristol

An event in Paris at the spectacular British Embassy exploring the relationship between “tech nations”. Combining inputs from companies and intermediaries from across the UK and France, it was an object lesson in the fact that collaboration is driven by ideas and complementary strengths or vision rather than geography.

And echoing the post below re: SxSW, the installation of some fabulous modern art (such as the Cornelia Parker above) in a classical building reinforced a particular kind of British creative unorthodoxy.

Then to OIConf in Bristol, a conference exploring the role of influencer marketing in digital advertising. A conversation at the partner dinner the night before covered the usual ground of relevance and authenticity, but there was also an interesting acknowledgement that we are approaching an inflection point in the maturing of social media as a series of negative news stories make people (finally) wake up to the data driven underpinning. The tyranny of unlimited choice in a digital environment is also a line of thought worth following…

But for authenticity nothing beat Miles Chambers, who catered the Jamaican food for the night and then performed his “Bristol, Bristol” poem, written during his stint as poet in residence for Bristol City Council. It left people open mouthed….

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