Overdue – Hyderabad / Bangalore / Mumbai / Berlin / Helsinki / Bristol

A slightly over-intense period, with the result that this site fell off the to-do list…

The highlights:

India for Innovate UK, focusing on the potential for productive UK / Indian collaboration on the development of the immersive technology sector. I’m authoring a report and making strategy recommendations (to be published later) but there is a tangible sense of an opportunity, although the shape of the emerging industry is very different. And as noted before here the consumer technology landscape is changing at speed – Jio switched on 100M 4G mobile customers in 170 days last year, with a forecast of 500M 4G smart phones by 2020 – and 4G data is currently free…

Berlin and Helsinki for DIT, presenting at events again focused on immersive tech. As is common across all countries there is a slight frustration that the market is not moving as fast to commercial revenue as they’d like – but a byproduct is a sense of active collaborative, an open community seeking to share knowledge in order to move everyone forward. The recently launched Helsinki Games Factory, in an old hospital building (white tiles and industrial lifts), has these values built into its ethos in establishing a new focal point for the Finnish Games market (already a global phenomenon).

And back in Bristol two successes on bids:

The city was shortlisted for the location of the new Channel 4 National HQ. Over the past year I’ve been working on Bristol’s representation into this process and authored the various submissions. C4’s considerations now move into a second phase with the final decision in the Autumn.

And a consortium of Bristol and Bath Universities, plus Surrey, came together to propose a programme for £5M funding as the national Industry Centre for Excellence in Immersive Narrative (I co-authored this one). Interview done, now we wait.

The gif above is at the Bangalore vs Mumbai IPL game. Cricket is a religion in India – India represents 85% of the global cricket economy – and the game and its stars are often the drivers of innovation and engagement. Meetings at Star TV around their work with 360 broadcast exemplified access on new platforms as a catalyst for new audiences.

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