To the British Embassy in Paris, for a collaboration between Department for International Trade and French TV industry event Série Series (

The day event highlighted British excellence in television production – with a focus on drama series – and attracted an audience of 150+ French producers, distributors, broadcasters and other industry representatives.

I chaired a panel taking the agenda on a slightly forward looking tangent focusing on storytelling within immersive environments, and the significant R&D support invested in innovation under the Creative Sector deal.

Limina Immersive installed their VR Theatre in the truly spectacular Salon Pauline showing Immersive City Bristol, a curated programme of work by Bristol creatives.

The headline speaker was Jed Mercurio, writer of Bodyguard and Line of Duty. In discussing Bodyguard he made a fascinating distinction between plausibility, possibility and probability and how he balances the three when planning plot elements.

Everyone was too polite to dwell on Brexit, but where discussed it was in the now usual perplexed and slightly mournful tone. Europeans are used to consensus politics and so find the catastrophic failure of our entire political class, stuck in adversity whilst we threaten to crash our own economy, baffling. Possible? Probable? Plausible? Discuss.

A panel on UK / Franco collaboration made a slightly tongue in cheek comparison of British as “passive aggressive”, and French, “aggressive aggressive”. Not entirely true but the lines of bristling riot police at the end of the street where I was staying ahead of another gilets jaunes march resonated….

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