Framing Immersion / Madrid

Over the past couple of months I have been putting together a report capturing the current developments in immersive tech based on the insight of the producers who are the architects of this new form.

Framing Immersion is a collection of personal testimonies on the evolution of an emerging market – an exploration of the challenges and opportunities in creating immersive experiences in a landscape where all parts of the value chain are still evolving at speed, whether production, distribution, audience engagement, business models or even the fundamental grammar of the form.

I’ve grouped the stories under three headings which represent emergent forms of value, the underlying animating context for this exploration of immersive technologies:

Visual – the capacity for immersive technologies to reveal things you could not see previously, and the implications of that function
Commercial – the viability of generating an underpinning business model, and the challenges of balancing growth, scale and innovation
Impact – the opportunity for immersion to achieve affective impact, how relationships with audiences are being changed by new modes of interaction

The report will be published to coincide with the SW Creative Technology Network Showcase, 12th July in Bristol.

Last week I travelled to Madrid to present at the XR Festival, created by Telefonica and British Council, and talk to some of the key Spanish companies in immersive tech.

What was striking were the similarities in conversations in Madrid when compared to the UK research. There is a consistent struggle with current commercial realities and tech limitations, but also matched with a clear vision of positive future potential and an openness to share and collaborate in order to move the development of the whole market forward faster for everyone.

(Haven’t added too many views from my hotel room like the above recently, but just passed 150…)

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