My last post here was two months ago – reflecting on economic growth, international travel and globalisation. And then everything changed, in the most fundamental and extraordinary way.

I’m delivering part of a Creative Scale Up programme in the West of England, originally intended to generate a peer network of growing creative businesses it has now become a self help network focused on resilience. When we *meet* there is both the curious sense of a need for external connection, just seeing and talking to a group of people, and an immediate default to trying to discuss the big conceptual implications of Covid – in part to explore thinking and in part to avoid the painful minutiae.

A session on managing turbulence delivered a series of prompts in the same vein:

Think forward and think reinvention – the market will undoubtably be different and therefore any company must seek to adapt ahead of a new future (stand still is not an option, and neither is your previous version of what the future looked like)

Build a vision of the environment in 12 months time (soon enough to be tangible, but far enough to allow change to settle) and generate a plan matched to that vision. The plan may turn out to be wrong but it will give you something to measure progress against, evaluate actions and iterate decision making.

Change is difficult, especially when it involves others’ livelihoods. Be human and considerate, but remember you are not completely responsible.

Confidence is key. Create a clear belief system in the values and potential for the business. You have to be able to articulate and persuade others (and believe it yourself). 

This Deloitte future scenarios document is a useful way of framing the unknown:

I’m similarly trying to think of the new future, and the opportunities or impacts which will positively endure from this period, because the international business landscape will emerge altered significantly.

And whilst I’m used to working remotely I have always taken that to be wherever I am, rather than the exactly same place…. as the picture above I have collected every lockdown cliché.

Stay safe.

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