Los Angeles / Virtual Production

About 5 years ago I wrote a strategy entitled, “creativity meets technology” for DIT (subsequently shortened by others to Createch). And a project launching this week in Los Angeles is the latest validation of that strategy.

The exponential growth of virtual production in the UK is an exemplar of our ability to combine world class creative production skills and technology services at scale. 

The emergence of virtual production technologies has generated a fundamental change in process, production, roles and workflows. But the UK screen industries – across the whole value chain of hardware, software, creative and production services – has been able to rapidly innovate in response to become a global centre of excellence in virtual production.

The development of the VP ecosystem has demonstrated:

  • Fast scaling VP stage capacity
  • Responsive supply chains of creative and technology expertise
  • Strategic interventions in VP skills development
  • Catalytic investment in innovation
  • Collaborative Government and industry initiatives focused on growth

I wrote, produced and co-designed (with Bray Leino) the document above. It will be presented to a US exec audience and then widely circulated – highlighting a genuinely exciting, and internationally significant, evolution of the UK production landscape.

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