Los Angeles / Virtual Production 2

As noted in the post below the review of the virtual production landscape in the UK and its emergence as a centre of excellence was launched in LA, at a joint DIT / Screen International event.

After my presentation of the Review we staged a fascinating panel, chaired by Chris Evans from Screen Daily / KFTV and featuring:

Connie Kennedy – Head of LA Lab Epic Games
Ryan Beagan – VP of Virtual Production, Warner Bros
Chris Ferriter – President, Halon
Lisa Gray – Executive Producer, Bild Studios

The conversation explored the changes in production planning, process, skills and workflow engendered by the technology – and of course the UK’s position in the global market. As Chris Ferriter noted, “I’m struggling to think of the last time we worked on a project that started in LA that didn’t end up going to the UK”

Upcoming work on virtual production for the British Film Commission will look to build on this momentum.

It was genuinely refreshing to be travelling again, a reminder of the quality of ideas and interaction and inspiration that you get from being in a new environment with new people

And also a change of scenery on the work front, with a project around fashion coming up.

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