The Networked Shift

The Networked Shift is a new report by Careful Industries, a rapid foresight study exploring some of the changes and challenges for the creative industries over the next three to five years.

Co-commissioned by MyWorld and the Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre the aim of the project was not to pin down one version of what might happen, rather to make clear potential future opportunities and challenges, exploring how what is currently known might evolve in the light of new technologies, significant industry shifts and changes in consumer behaviours.

The Networked Shift gathers a number of visible trends in the creative industries and looks at the opportunities and tensions resulting from those changes. As well as observing an overall shift to more networked, connected behaviours among audiences, creators, and digitally literate creative businesses, Careful identify three sticking points that create barriers to innovation. These sticking points are:

  • a lack of diversity and representation
  • uncertainty around automation
  • over-dependence on platform businesses

My intention when co-commissioning for MyWorld was to inform our Observatory function, guiding strategic future development. Careful’s concentration on the impact of automation on the creative industries, aligns very clearly with a direction of travel in conversations within MyWorld as it relates to tools, workflows and particularly the adoption of AI.

We interviewed prospective candidates for the MyWorld Challenge Call last week and the upcoming prototype investments will directly address some of these questions around automation.

Download The Networked Shift here:

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