Content Across Continents – Singapore

In December 2009, South West Screen signed an agreement on a project which I had initiated with the Singapore Media Development Authority, to launch a competition seeking multiplatform content production ideas developed between SW and Singaporean companies.

The development competition looked to frame a proposition to play to both the strengths and aspirations of the two partners – with the criteria to generate new multiplatform content propositions which would play in both European and Asian markets.

In April 2010 the first Content Across Continents initiative announced two £25k investments:

  • iLand – a multiplatform animation experience aimed at 6-12 year olds produced by Wonky (UK) and Scrawl Studios (Singapore)
  • Eco Gone Mad – a TV and web format that injects a healthy dose of fun, inquisitiveness and scepticism into green issues, produced by Junction K (UK) and Apostrophe Films (Singapore).

A second version of Content Across Continents has now been launched to run through 2011. On this occasion the scheme will make 5 x £10k investments, again split between SW and Singaporean partners, to generate new ideas and concepts developing content which leverages on the interactivity and versatility of new digital media platforms, internet channels and social media tools.

I will be producing the 2011 scheme for SWS through my production company, Parameter.

Read the launch press release here: MDA – SWS News Release 081210



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