venice fog A “restful” Xmas break managed to take in Pisa, Florence, Padova, Venice, Wales & Cornwall…. (this having counted up how many miles I flew in 2014 – 78,000).

So, travel plans for the first part 2015:

January – Lisbon for the European Creative Hubs Forum and then Los Angeles / Guadalajara / Mexico City

February – not sure yet but a short European trip

March – Shanghai

April – Los Angeles / San Francisco

Outside of my continuing role with UKTI some fantastic other projects for 2015 (which again have an international flavour):

Playable City will rapidly expand its footprint this year, with Tokyo and Lagos pencilled as the next international participants – building round a new model to generate meaningful dialogue between the separate sites.

Devices of Wonder continues to generate super-connected (in all senses) art projects which currently plan reach across UK and US.

Closer to home Play Sandbox enters its final phase, and its time for that Context Engine idea I blogged about this time last year to get some serious push (partners in place).

Happy New Year.

As always:
Random thoughts and things of interest via: @mark_leaver
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Pictures of buildings out of hotel windows via Flickr


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